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Criminal History Name Search

Searches submitted by batch are available from the Search History page for 7-days from the date searched and available for download from the message center for 30-days.

Users requiring documentation of searches performed and the hits returned, the Department recommends printing and/or saving of search responses.

Search history (what was searched for, but not what was returned) will continue to be available for 3-years from the date submitted.


The Criminal History search has been updated to produce more thorough results. The system starts with a narrow search and expands to a wider search. Here is an example of some of the combinations that the system will try:

  • Last, First, and Middle name.
  • Last & First name without the middle name.
  • Name match with a matching birth month & day.
  • Entering a full date of birth will narrow the search.

We understand users like the comforting "No Hits" message but the system now automates these additional searches to ensure a thorough search.

Each time you search you are charged one credit ($1.00). You are charged for your initial search. You are not charged for these additional searches or opening multiple rap sheets.

The web interface will tell you what each result matched on, placing the closest match on top. Although not currently reflected in the Batch Download, it will be added in the future.

Error Resolution

Applicants disputing the results of a name based criminal history search will need to request a personal review of their criminal history record information by submitting fingerprints to identify if a record exists with the Department.

Secure Site Eligibility

To be eligible for an account on the CRD Secure Website, your organization must fit into one of the following two categories:

Legislatively Authorized Private Entities:

  • Private Schools
  • Private Colleges
  • Residential Dwellings – including Housing Authorities for employment
  • Volunteer Centers
  • Safe Houses
  • In-Home Residential Service and Delivery Companies
  • Volunteer Children's Activity Providers
  • Private Health Providers – Nursing Homes/Home Health

Legislatively Authorized Government Entities and Criminal Justice Agencies:

  • Cities – employment and licensing
  • Counties – employment and licensing
  • School Districts – public schools, region service centers, charter schools, and open enrollment charter schools.
  • Higher Education – state or public colleges and universities including community colleges
  • Hospitals and Hospital Districts – public/non-profit
  • Housing Authorities – tenants only
  • Public Transportation
  • Fire Departments
  • Regional Tollway Authorities
  • State Agencies
  • Count & District Clerks
  • Juvenile Probation

If you need additional assistance to determine if you are eligible for the Secure Website, please call 512-424-2474.

If you are not eligible for the Secure Website (https://securesite.dps.texas.gov), you can still access the Public Website (https://publicsite.dps.texas.gov).